Monday, 17 January 2011

o’tom tick twister


I picked these up at the Outdoor Show from the Lyme Disease Awareness stand for a very worthy five pounds; four the twisters and a pound to the charity for which I received a scratch card. The scratch card rewarded us with another pair of twisters. Ben, my son, picked out his pair in a funky red colour.

These are so light that my scales have had trouble weighing them! I’d guess that they weigh around three or so grams, much lighter and more compact than the pen sized device I’d normally carry.

Simple to use, you just pick the twister to match the size of tick, slot the groove under the tick, and twist!

Prevention is better than a cure so as Seasick Steve sings, wear your socks right up to your knees :)


Northern Walker said...

Always worth having one of these on you, I think. I remember driving home from the Highlands and feeling that something was in my leg (behind the knee). Stopped at a services located the little blighter. My ever-resourceful other half grabbed the tick tool and performed surgery in the middle of the car park (yes, I did drop my trousers and we attracted a small crowd!)

baz carter said...

I'm sure I've seen that on youtube :)

Anonymous said...

just picked up some of these from the vet for the cat