Tuesday, 30 March 2010

tgo challenge 2010

I used Grough Route to plot the route we'll be taking. I've not used mapping software before so cant comment on how it compares with other systems but I found it fairly straightforward to use once I'd got the hang of it. One thing I'd change is the wording used to name a route, in the software a route is tagged not named. But that's a minor point and at only £1.50 per month who's to grumble.

The route has been vetted and returned with a few comments as expected. Our route is a simple low level one starting at Shiel Bridge and ending at St Cyrus, so I didn't expect to get much feedback, which was indeed the case.

Training walks are being done, along with a few overnighters to test kit. Kit choice is on going - I've revamped my list at least ten times now, weighed up the pro's and con's of my various cooking systems and shelters, but am still undecided.

Train tickets have been bought and transport to the start sorted thanks to Philip Werner.

Menu planning and dehydrating meals is going ahead. Food parcels will need to be created and shipped.

And my physio says my right knee is looking up to the task but the exercises still need to be done.

Roll on the 12th May.


Anonymous said...

If I had perfect foresight, I would have applied! Hope you have a great time.

baz carter said...

You could do an unofficial one...

Litehiker said...

Hope we meet somewhere along the way. I'm still undecided about some of the kit. For instance, boots (one of which is causing a blister) or trail shoes? I'm off for a day walk on Bank Holiday Monday, wearing trail shoes and hoping for rain - really! Also plan to test an Esbit stove.

baz carter said...

I'll probably pick up another pair of Terrocs. I cant go back to wearing boots, last time I wore a pair was when we did that Northants trip. The boots were painfully restrictive.

I should think that we'd see each along the way - will you be going thru Breamar?