Monday, 1 December 2008

doubling up

The Backpackers Club Christmas gathering is this coming weekend and due to a  re-scheduling of my diary I'm now going to be able to go.

This now presents a bit of a dilemma. This time of the year I'd pack my Rab Ladkh 800 for a guaranteed comfy nights sleep. However I'll be doing the gentlemanly thing and letting Penny use it. The Marmot Hydrogen is my bag of choice these days but if the temperature dips below one or two degrees I'll have a miserable night. So my fall back plan will be to take the Mountain Equipment Skyline and double up the bags. This should suffice and if not I can always layer up with a primaloft top if necessary. Now shall I add a bivi bag to the list just in case? Ah the luxury of car camping!


Anonymous said...

Why not take a down jacket and some thermal LJs to supplement the bag? An Exped Downmat is another solution ;o)

baz carter said...

Penny will no doubt be wearing the down jacket! I looked at the Exped mattresses in Blacks but decided the weight and cost were prohibitive despite the comfort factor - well for now at any rate :)

Anonymous said...

You mean you've only got one down jacket, I've got three (well one's a smock). I've also got a synthetic smock and quite a lot of fleeces and merino mid layers!!!!!

If you're car camping, a fleece blanket (or even an ordinary blanket) under your sleeping bag makes quite a difference.

Have a good time!

baz carter said...

Yes only the one and that's missing it's arms! I've got a Berghaus Infinity Lite smock which is my insulation layer. And quite a few other fleeces, etc.

We've also got a dense but soft wool blanket to make the tent cosy. The beauty of car camping is you can chuck stuff in that you wouldnt carry.

Phreerunner said...

Hi Baz
Good to meet you on Saturday, and I've now put in a link to your blog from ours.
We are meeting Julia Griffiths outside the campsite at Biggin at 9am on Sunday, for a (shortish) walk, should you care to join us.

baz carter said...

Hi Martin, Good to meet you too. I've done likewise. Seems like a plan - I can do a quick scour of the car boot sale and avoid the carol service :)