Monday, 6 July 2009

lowe pro terraclime 30

I picked up one of these from the camera shop after buying the TZ4. I wanted a pouch type bag that allowed easy access to the camera that I could hang from hip belt of a rucksack.

It’s made from 35% recycled materials and it has the feel of a heavy cordura type fabric with minimum padding. Internally there are two pockets for SD cards or spare batteries, there’s a belt loop on the back, and it comes with a removable shoulder strap. The bag is secured with one of Lowe Alpine’s innovative zed buckles. On my postal scales it weighed 77g.

A straight forward modification of two Alpkit mini ‘biners clipped to the loops for shoulder strap were all that were required to hang it in place off a rucksack hip belt. In use on the Chilterns trip it was hassle free. An added bonus is that I can hang the bag off the belt loops of my walking trousers in the same way. Simple and effective.

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