Monday, 15 June 2009

panasonic lumix tz4 camera

I'd become increasingly frustrated with the compact digital camera that I'd been using. The Macro focus mode was a bit wayward and picture quality varied enormously. And there was no way of adjusting for some daylight conditions that resulted in skies being bleached out.

I'd read some favourable reviews of the Lumix TZ5 however a year is a long time in the compact camera world and the TZ5, and it's slightly less appointed stable mate the TZ4, are now out of production.

I wasn't able to find a supplier who had stock of the TZ5 but I did find someone stocking the TZ4, and being a discontinued model I got it at a sizable discount. The main differences between the two being the TZ5 is a 10meg camera with a 3" screen and the TZ4 a 8meg one with a 2.5" screen.

I spent the weekend getting to grips with the camera and it is really simple to use. I need to experiment with the various metering and exposure settings to sort out the dreaded sky bleaching. But for now I'm happy with how it works.

Great colour and detail

Zoom in macro mode

Meter and exposure settings need a tweak


Londonbackpacker said...

Can you put filters on the camera? If so try a polarizer filter.

If you can't fix filters to the camera, maybe go with a Cokin shoe filter holder

baz carter said...

Nice one George! I'll have a look at this option.

Anonymous said...

You forgot to metion the most important thing: it's 6g lighter than the TZ5. ;)

Great camera. I'm very pleased with my TZ5.

baz carter said...

silly of me! It's lighter than my old one and given the fact that I'd have to carry spare batteries lighter still in the long run.