Friday, 6 March 2009

richmond park

With the evenings beginning to get lighter and the day's a little warmer I decided to walk home via Richmond Park yesterday. This is now safe to do so now that the annual deer cull has been completed.

I've already written about this so I won't repeat myself here so have posted a few photo's instead.

Sunset over Ham

Half moon (not Putney)

On the Capital Ring heading to the Dysart

I'm planning to walk home through the park more often so will carry my camera to capture the changes as the seasons unfold.


Worthing Wanderer said...

Looks nice. Would you recommend the Capital Ring? Thought about doing it for a future winter walk

baz carter said...

I've walked bits of it. It runs past the back of my house! A year or so ago I lived next to it over in east London.

I've yet to walk it anticlockwise from Richmond Park to Wimbledon something to do at the end of March me thinks.

Yes I would recommend it.