Sunday, 22 March 2009

news from the bird feeder

Over the last few weeks we've had a number of visitors to the fat balls hanging from the apple tree. Throughout the early spring blue tits, great tits and robins have made best use of the food on offer. With pairs of blackbird's scouring up any pickings that have dropped from above. Occasionally a green woodpecker would flit in for a brief peck or two. Wood pidgeons have taken their turn and marched stiltedly across the lawn looking for fat ball manna from heaven.

Recently a greater spotted woodpecker has been stopping by, a shy and nervous bird that will fly off at the slightest scare. The pick axe beak makes short work of the food balls creating tidbits for the ground feeding garden visitors.

A male and female pair of chaffinches have shown up this week prompting me to think that with the arrival of warmer weather they've migrated in from Europe to take their Summer in Surrey.

And some news from the pond... the frog spawn has hatched and the tadpoles having eaten their opaque former residences have now dispersed across the pond. No doubt as they grow they'll begin to attract the unwelcome attention of any passing herons. Question is, do I intervene and stretch some netting over the pond?


Martin Rye said...

Good to see such a mix of bird life Baz. On Herons. Are they a common sight around them parts?. If so get the netting out.

baz carter said...

The river Wey isn't far and there are a few smaller streams, lakes and ponds nearby but I haven't seen any loitering in the area. Might do the netting just in case.

Anonymous said...

didn't know green woodys pecked on balls....or any type of feeders?
the great spotted stay at the back here on the oak tree...saw a sparrowhawk in garden a month ago

baz carter said...

The green woodpecker was in the gardne feeding off the bramley apples that had fallen from the tree. Surprisingly despite being a woodpecker they do ground feed predominately. said...

Thanks for the post, well written, analyzed and informative