Tuesday, 20 April 2010

backpackers club agm

I'll be arrived in Bath some time Friday evening, later than originally expected due to new job!

I'll be putting the Bush Buddy Ultra in the kit bag along with the Scarp1. I was going to bring along the Mountain Hardware Helion2 but as we'll have Harry I'll be putting up the Hex3.

I'm also thinking of bringing along kit to demo steam baking. And of course some kit to sell.

Requests for bringing my DJ rig down have been studiously ignored. I don't think Saturday evening is really the best time for a hardcore mix of trance and jazz vibes. Besides I've been told that gigs in this area attract far too much attention from the local DS.

Rumour on the circuit is that there is a fair amount of horse going around...


John Hee said...

Seem to have beaten you to your report - but sorry we couldn't have spent a biot more time together

Sods law!

baz carter said...

No worries - we know who to look out for in future :)