Saturday, 17 April 2010

tgo challenge 2010 - uncertainty

Sometimes good fortune is tempered by choice.

I've landed myself a temporary contract working for a large publishing company in central London. This is a good move for me careerwise, and I need the money.

At the interview, end of last week, the role was stated as a minimum of two months contract but due to the workload and strict deadlines they won't allow me to take time off for the Challenge. However on offering the work they aren't going to commit to the full period - just yet.

An email could be winging it's way to Roger at the end of the week... or not.


The bike shed said...

Well good luck with the job. Who with?

I'm off to Black Sail this weekend with family - will blog about how we get on - so won't make AGM despite it beng almost next door. I also corresponded again with Derrick Booth after lots of enquiries from teh articles I wrote.

Anonymous said...

Best wishes whatever you do.

PhilW said...

That's a real dilemma. Do you say the fortnight cannot be avoided and call their bluff, or will they then withdraw the offer? No easy answer. Hope all works out well though.