Thursday, 29 January 2009

solid air

John Martyn RIP.


John Hee said...

One of my all time music heroes. I've seen him live a number of times since the mid 70s, and despite the inconsitancy of the performances when he was on form his music was beyond words.

At least they can't dig out any more greatest-hits compilations. I hope.

The musician's musician. Pity he earnt more off the copy covering big names than he did off his own stuff.

One World.

Anonymous said...

Another fan here. Very sad.

Alan Sloman said...

"May you never lay your head down without a hand to hold" has brought me to tears on so may occassions lately.

A wonderful songsmith that has meant so much to me.

Unknown said...

You'd be forgiven for thinking I'd be too young for John Martyn but I picked up a solid air single on vinyl when I was very young (and for some unknown reason) frequenting jumble sales!

Play Solid air through a decent system and there's not much that can touch it in the genre for the time. Bit of a shock when I read your post Baz.

baz carter said...

The first album I owned was A Well Kept Secret. Martyn had mined the misery of relationship breakdown for all it was worth. Fittingly so for me to be listening to it on my walkman when I found out that my then girlfriend (first serious one) had been cheating on me.