Thursday, 15 January 2009

osprey exos rucksacks breaking news

Possibly my first scoop.

From email exchanges with Kelly, Customer Services Manager, at Osprey UK the Exos series rucksacks are in the process of being shipped to the following suppliers; Ellis Brigham, Costwolds, Snow and Rock, Outside and, Countryside Ski and Climb.

All will stock the Exos 46 but only Snow and Rock will carry the smaller Exos 34, and Countryside the larger Exos 58.


John Hee said...

.......and me still waiting for my review kit

AktoMan said...


I suppose I should look at the smaller 46 litre pack, but the 58 is probably a good swap out for my Atmos.

baz carter said...

John, I didnt bother trying to blag some review kit. Although the amount of interest my post has generated they might do well to send me one for review!

Duncan, Check out the website for the sizing of the bags. The large back length Exos 46 is stated as having a volume of 49l. Comparable to the Atmos (i guess).

Dorset Backpacker said...

I Have the Exos-46 and Atmos-50 and the Exos certainly seems to hold as much as the Atmos.

AktoMan said...

Y'see, my pack seems to have settled around the 50litre load. So, a bigger pack will allow me to fit in more for longer treks.

For a weekend out, I'm happy to stick with the 'heavier' excellent Atmos.

I don't have money to throw at a like-for-light replacement.

Anonymous said...

thx Baz. I'm looking for the 58. Fortunately Stevenage is not too far.

Anonymous said...

Apparently only Outside will be stocking the 58.