Thursday, 17 July 2008


Lazy chilli

Can of borlotti beans (drained and rinsed)
Jar of Discovery Chilli cooking sauce
500g soya mince (made up weight)
Thinly sliced mushrooms (optional)
Diced red/green pepper (optional)

Make up the soya mince, mix with spice mix, saute mushies and pepper (if using) in some olive oil in sauce pan. Add soya mince and stir. Add jar of sauce and borlotti beans and simmer for twenty or so minutes until done. Weigh out two portions making note of weight and then dry.

Bean Chasseur

Can of borlotti beans (drained and rinsed)
Thinly sliced mushrooms
Thinly sliced onion (med)
Two cloves of garlic crushed
Glass of white wine
250ml of stock (low salt)
Two tablespoons of tomato puree
black pepper to season

Saute onion and garlic in olive oil in a wide pan, when very soft (don't brown) add mushies and cook until soft. Turn up heat and add wine and allow to bubble, add remaining ingredients and stir. Season with pepper and cook for twenty to thirty minutes or so until sauce is reduced. I prefer this to be cooked until quite thick. Make note of weight and then dry. Makes one portion.


Unknown said...

Hi Baz,

Thanks for posting the recipe. Not a bad sounding pair of dishes there.

I managed to get some soya mince tonight and dried onions so I'm part way to making something up right there. I dont have a dehydrator so I'm looking now for some dried tomato powder and dried beans (or quick cook lentils) to make up my recipe. Good times.

Martin Rye said...

I'm to lazy to do all that - it comes pre made and needs water and is found on a shelf in a outdoor shop - bad for me most likely but works just fine. That and Uncle Ben's microwave dishes (30ml of water and a bit of heat )are the limit of my backpacking cooking. Yours puts me to shame I'm sure.

baz carter said...

It's my allergy that drives this, that a love of good food. The preparation does take time but it's worth it and the meals weigh in at a lot less than off the shelf stuff. I use the precooked rice sachets for weekend trips for convenience.