Friday, 25 July 2008

multimat II

The mat arrived this morning – having unpacked it and stuck it on my postal scales I was very surprised to find that it weighed in at 386g; a few grams under the claimed weight. Happy with that and the 80g saving it gives me over my old purple one.

The mat was supplied with a pair of elastic straps, a repair kit (a nice touch) and a stuff sack that is slightly over sized. As I’m in the office I wasn't able to inflate it to test it’s comfort until now (lunchtime.) I cant state whether it's any more comfortable than the ultralight 3/4 thermarest that it replaces but the extra length for me is a real bonus. Hope the extra length doesn't bugger up it's integration with the OMM rucksack I bought recently though.

post script - I took down the dimensions from the multimat website but having matched it against a 3/4 length thermarest the difference in length is in fact minimal.


Unknown said...

Baz, Is this the Multimat Superlite Compact 25?

I got this free witha Trail subscription and I used it on my recent trip to the Lakes. Its great quality and dead light to boot. I found it inflated better than my Robens (weep) and seemed to provided a tighter cushioning effect if you get my drift?

baz carter said...

Yes it is a superlight compact. I've not used it yet but will do next week. I thought about the subscription offer but I'm getting increasingly fed up with the editorial stance of the magazine (don't get me started on this!)