Wednesday, 22 October 2014

food find – nairn’s gluten free biscuit breaks

 Like the 9Bars that I blogged about here, these have become a lunchtime stable and have found their way into my rucksack.

There are three varieties but the two that I favour are the oat & syrup and chocolate chip. The four biscuit pouch has 188 calories and circa 24g of carbohydrate, the slight variation is because the choc chip ones have a little more CHO. And, of course, they are gluten free. The biscuits have a great crunch and texture with the oat & syrup winning on the latter. Although I’ve not tried it yet the oat & syrup ones would make a great crumble topping on some stewed apple, with some Bird’s Instant Custard on the side - yum!


GeoffC said...

The Nairns range is very familiar to me too, they make some very good products. I have a problem with dairy ingredients rather than coeliac trouble, and even that is problematic when on a long backpack when we have to restock with food, but it guess it's even worse for you.
I forgot to respond to that 9-bar post a while ago, they are excellent and we have used them for years but in recent times I think they have been subjected to Shrinkflation - I've lost my notes on the weight but they used to be considerably bigger I'm sure.

baz carter said...

Shrinkflation - Eat Natural bars went the same way although you can still buy the original 50g bars butt not in bulk packets so no saving is had. I plan all my food for the entire trip and send food parcels ahead as I can guarantee finding suitable produce. Anything I find that I can eat along the way is a bonus.