Saturday, 16 October 2010

tuna and potato supper

This is a simple meal that’s easy to prepare and is very tasty.

One sachet of tuna sandwich filler
One sachet of instant potato

Boil the required amount of water, make the potato, add the tuna to the potato, stir, and eat! Did I mention this was simple to prepare?

Those with a fry pan and the inclination could make tuna fish cakes with the mix.

The ones I use are John West and they come in a variety of dressings, my favourite is the sun dried tomato one.


Quainton Trainspotter said...

This also works well with quick cook pasta and one of the better cup-a-soups if you get the liquid levels right.

baz carter said...

That's an idea... And as you state watch the liquid volume; on one trip this year I ended up with a soup :)