Monday, 18 May 2009

tag a long on the thames

Our first trip out on the tag a long and to keep things simple it was a straightforward peddle down the Thames to Teddington Lock and back up the Surrey side of the river.

River Lane, Petersham Meadow

Rain over night ensured that there were enough puddles to ride through and as neither my bike nor the tag a long had mud guards Ben earned his first cyclist stripe. Two in fact; one up the front and one up the back.

Splattered face; sign of a true off roader

I’m glad I didn’t opt for a detour into Richmond Park via Ham Gate because the pull up to the bike track that runs from Kingston Gate to Pembroke Lodge is quite sharp. I was happy to stay on the relatively level tow path, at least for now.

My bike’s close gearing made it easy to change up and down to suit the terrain but I did notice that controlling the bike was harder when I dropped a cog at the front rather than at the rear. He did do with some of the peddling which helped speed us to the Tide Tables Cafe for refreshments and a well deserved chocolate muffin.

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AktoMan said...

Awe, the poor muddy wain :(