Thursday, 16 April 2009

backpackers club agm

Darren has mentioned that he’ll be at the AGM weekend after next, and taking along a number of his stoves for people to have a fondle.

I’ll be there for the whole of the weekend and as I’m camping out of the back of the car for a change I’ll be packing some bits and pieces to play with too. So what would you prefer to see spotted dick or chocolate steam puddings?


Darren said...

Spotted Dick? not on your nelly ssunshine.

baz carter said...

OK Choc pud for you then :) Or if I perfect my focaccia recipe in time something a little more savory.

PhilW said...

I will be going - though home duties mean it will be just for the day. Will be interested in looking at the retail stands at the hall and the tent display at the campsite.
As a devout blogging groupie (bloupie?) will be interested in seeing Darren's stoves in the flesh and whatever you may be cooking up (though something choccy is my favourite!)

baz carter said...

I'll be wandering around the stands to. I'll have a conversation with Darren about what his plans are.