Thursday, 18 September 2008

steamboat springs, colorado

Hi all,

Just made it into Steamboat Springs, Colorado. That's about 160 miles from the last town, Rawlins, which was the first US town where I didn't feel at home. Brian went into the Police station to use the toilet and an old lady inquired what he was doing in town. She then replied, 'Well I suggest you just get out of town as soon as possible!' That's nice we thought.

I have heard a saying that all thunderstorms are made in the Rocky Mountains. We now have some concrete evidence to back it up! Whilst trying to put some miles in between Rawlins and ourselves we experienced some big storms. The decision to take a low route (off the CDT) was a good one. The CDT or high divide is the first place to get battered by the storms.

We dropped into a cow-dung infested gully and set up our tents during the middle of the day. Something was on its way across the barren sage brush plains. I was pretty scared at the size of the storm. The whole sky was dark gray or black with weird swirling white clouds flying in all directions on the outside of it. Lightening and massive thunder booms adding to the effect. An awesome experience, and pretty frightening too.

Had a great time this week going over two 11,000+ ft mountains in a day.

Onwards through Colorado we go! As I look out the window I see storm clouds a brewing!


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