Monday, 11 August 2008

buffalo gravy and barbeque sauce

Tough times for the intrepid Mr West. And a reminder to consider donating to the charity that he's raising money for.

Hi all,

Finally made it to a PC.

Been really tough here, and literally been a few weeks of ups and downs. Last week my mum had another stroke, so I thought about flying home. Fortunately she has made a real good recovery in the past few days.

Here it’s been really tough, it would make Bear Grylls shudder in his Goretex! Tough terrain, sketchy trail – where is the goddamn trail – for up to 10 mile sections. Massive thunderstorms and news of others giving up (I’ve heard that there’s less than 10 north southers left on the CDT now.)

One day I did over 10,000ft of ascent and descent all due to thunderstorms. Shattered by the end of the day, and then up at 5am the following morning to get the miles in before the storms hit again. Yesterday a big storm missed me by 5 miles – hailstones like gobstoppers!! Thank you God!

On the plus side lots of wildlife; elk, deer, antelope, eagles, hawk, my first snake plus I heard wolves one morning, and I think a coyote outside the tent yapping!

Soon will be back in Grizzly territory, fun!

Bo says barbeque sauce is the key (presumably to put them off not invite them to eat you with it – Ed.) I think I should wash the buffalo gravy from my clothes before getting out there again.

Take care.


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